Free and Virtual Fun

free and virtual fun - mother and daughter looking at tablet

You don’t need to spend any money or even leave your house to have fun and earn points.

Virtual Activities

You can complete the following activities anywhere you have an Internet connection. Earn the Virtual Activities badge and 50 points for each activity completed.

  • Take the Spot the Difference challenge and upload your results.
  • Color Paint the Town (set 1) and/or set 2 postcards and upload. (hint: share your colored postcards on social media with the hastag #fxbgfun and log you updates in the section below for additional points)
  • Correctly count the number of times the FXBG Fun logo appears in this video.
  • Correctly count the number of times the FXBG Fun “Post The Fun” Badge appears in this video.
  • Children age 4-10 can complete the Road Scholar Scavenger Hunt. Upload an image of the completed Scavenger Hunt Sheet.
  • Complete the Itty Bitty City challenge. Upload a copy of your completed sheet to* and then include a copy of your confirmation in your FXBG Fun passport. (*Note that FXBG Fun and Itty Bitty City are two separate sites. You are only eligible for Itty Bitty City prizes when you submit your completed form to

Total: 350 Points

Palindrome Challenges

During 2021, there are a number of “palindrome” days where the numeric date is the same forwards and backwards. There will be 10 days in January (from 1/20/21 to 1/29/21) and 11 days in December (12/1/21-12/9/21, 12/11/21, and 12/22/21) In honor of these days, we will have a series of free challenges. Visit the VisitFred Facebook page or edit your passport to see each day’s challenge.

Total: up to 1050 points

Additional Free Activities

Complete these additional free activities to gain additional points.

  • Complete free Traipse tours using the Traipse App to learn about African American history and presidential history in Fredericksburg. Take the “Hidden Gems” tour to learn lesser known facts and tidbits about the people and places that truly make Fredericksburg unique. Take the “Storefront Stories” tour to learn more about the current and former uses of popular downtown storefronts. Earn 150 points for each tour completed.
  • Share your participation in these activities on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #fxbgfun. Earn 25 points for each publicly viewable post.
  • Share your personal passport page on social media. Earn 25 points each time you share your page through the tools provided on your individual passport page.

Total: 600 or more points

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